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Nearly half the teens abusing prescription drugs are taking pain killers and 60 - 70% say that home medicine cabinets are their source of drugs. DATIA

3 million people in the 12 - 25 age range become new abusers of prescription drugs each year.                  DATIA





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DrugForce Screening, Inc. is a full service drug testing/collection facility and third party administrator (TPA).

Our mission is to make our client’s workplace safer and boost productivity. DrugForce Screening’s experienced staff will help your company develop a drug testing program or make your current program more effective, cost efficient and compliant with local, state and federal laws.

Weather you are a parent trying to keep your child drug free in a complex world, an employer trying to maintain a drug free workplace, a nurse needing a drug screen for clinicals, or an adult needing to test yourself prior to a pre-employment drug screen.  Drug testing is very prevalent in today's world!

We offer services such as urine testing, ETG testing, Hair testing, Passive Exposure and DNA Paternity testing. Call us today to find out how DrugForce Screening can help you!      704-481-0433


BAT: Breath Alcohol Technician 

We are now certified to perform DOT Breath Alcohol test.  Please call for an appointment.

704-481-0433    or email: jan@drugforcescreening.com